About Us

Want to become a security officer?

We can help you complete all the necessary steps and you can begin working the next week for a License Security Guard Company.

Executive Security Institute offers both armed and unarmed with a state of the art training program for the person looking to enter the private security field of work and does not have formal training, as well as the experienced veteran who is looking for an intensive refresher course.

At our Florida Licensed and accredited Miami Dade training facility, we provide a 9-day course, which can be split into 2 weeks. This course provides both theory and practical exercises and includes an overall detail in the final module that incorporates all the learning of the course in a real life situation.

In addition to the State of Florida mandatory classes, we offer a wide variety of personal defense geared towards the public. We offer assistance in completing State Licensing paperwork at no charge to all of our applicants.

We look forward to meeting and working with you.