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Barbarito Sanudo

Sports & Entertainment Security Division

Barbarito Sanudo serves as VP of the Sports & Entertainment Division for US Executive Protection since January 2018. He manages the daily operations of the security branch and oversees all sports & entertainment security operations. 

He discovered his passion for the sports & entertainment security industry
20 year ago. His firsthand knowledge of service and support to special events and crowd management has given him an invaluable expertise on the field. Throughout his career, Barbarito has received training in a variety
of fields, including safe workplace management practices, first aid, fire, and rescue procedures, as well as access control maintenance and programming. In addition, he has participated in several coursework courses organized by the local, state and federal Law Enforcement agencies.

Without losing sight of the value of teamwork and human resources, Barbarito believes it is key to maintain a positive attitude, to be prepared to face the unexpected and the most important lesson his daughter has taught him: never stop learning.